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Dissolution Vessel Washer - Cleaning

Dissolution vessel cleaning is very tedious and time consuming. However it is crucial for quality control and medicines formulation.
The DissoClean is an in-place dissolution vessel washer that eliminates the need to remove, drain, clean and reposition your dissolution vessels. Making your time in the lab more efficient – Saving your lab time & money! Available are the DissoClean Mark I and II. The DissoClean Mark I can get 6 vessels clean in 4 minutes, and the DissoClean Mark II can clean the same amount of vessels in just 1 minute!

One of the most distinguished features of the DissoClean is its Direct Injection Wash. High pressure diaphragm pumps exert pressure through strategically placed nozzle jet ports that provide optimum 360 degree wash quality. Which means that even stubborn surfactants are easily washed away. Unlike sprinkler type washers, where the strength of the spray is reduced with the rotation of the nozzle, the DissoClean spray remains constant throughout the wash cycle.

This in-place dissolution vessel washer fits all test vessels and is compatible with brands such as Distek, Sotax, Vankel, Erweka, Electrolab, Hanson, among others.

Want to know more? Request more information on the Dissoclean! You can also watch the videos on the Mark I and the Mark II.

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