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Dissolution Vessel Washer - DissoClean Mark I

Each time a vessel is positioned into a tester, its centering must be measured and the height of the paddle or basket must be validated. With the DissoClean Mark I, the vessels are cleaned in-place thus maintaining accurate parameters by eliminating the time consuming step of confirming their correct repositioning. As a result, cleaning qualification is possible.

As vessels are washed in-place, productivity and efficiency in the dissolution laboratory are greatly increased. In place washing also minimizes breakage and subsequent re-calibration which improves cost performance.

See the DissoClean Mark I in Action!

Failure to sufficiently purge contaminates from vessel walls can result in dissolution test failure which may lead to product recall or at best, redoing the dissolution test. With the DissoClean Mark I, this is not an issue: a high pressure diaphragm pump exerts 45psi of pressure through strategically placed nozzle jet ports to provide optimum, 360 degree wash quality.

Main Features:

- Approx. 4 minutes to clean 6 vessels

- Ultraportable – compact & light weight.

- Easy To Use

- Fits all tester vessels

- Waste Tank is Equipped with Electronic Level Sensors to Prevent Overflow

- Maintains Validation Compliance

- Improves Productivity, Efficiency and Cost Performance

- Breakage Greatly Reduced

- Cleaning Qualification Made Possible

- Reduces Number of Dissolution Test Failures

Dissolution Vessel Washer - DissoClean Mark I

Dissolution Vessel Washer - DissoClean Mark I

DissoClean Mark I CE Certification Model DCM1-CE Uniflex
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