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Looking to Upgrade Your Viscometer?

By Emma Foster on Mon 12 April 2021 in Home

Let us provide you with the best trade in offer. If you trade in any brand of viscometer, you will receive a massive 15% off a new Brookfield Viscometer.

How to Automate Your Chemistry

By Emma Foster on Thu 08 April 2021 in Home

In this article, Dr. Stephen Heffernan, a Batch Chemistry Applications Specialist and also Product Manager for the Atlas HD family of automated chemical reactors at Syrris, discusses the issues chemists face when using conventional chemistry and round-bottom flasks, as well as their solutions. He also explains how advanced lab technology can help you conduct more consistent, efficient, and repeatable chemistry even when you're not in the lab.

The Importance of Upgrading Your Equipment in an Analytical Laboratory

By Emma Foster on Thu 08 April 2021 in Home

Using obsolete equipment is what leads to problems with accuracy, precision, and throughput capacity that can end up extremely costly for the analytical laboratory. Learn about the benefits of upgrading your lab equipment.

Aerobic Digestion vs Anaerobic Digestion in Wastewater Treatment

By Emma Foster on Thu 28 January 2021 in Home

What is the difference between Aerobic and Anaerobic Digestion in Wastewater Treatment? Learn more about the key differences between Aerobic and Anaerobic Digestion and which to use when treating wastewater.

FFP2 Face Mask with Free Delivery Within Ireland

By Angela O'Connor on Tue 26 January 2021 in Home

These face masks have 5-layers to protect the user against droplets in the air and are certified to filter >95% of airborne particles.

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