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By Dijana Senjan on Thu 07 September 2023 in Home

Discover a wealth of knowledge about temperature equipment, calibration, and temperature mapping with our Temperature Thursday articles. Our experts have curated a series of informative pieces to enhance your understanding of temperature measurement and its applications.

Solutions for Endotoxin Problem in Industrial Bioprocesses

By Dijana Senjan on Fri 18 August 2023 in Home

Endotoxins disrupt bioprocesses, affecting culture quality and production. Enter Condalow® peptones: low endotoxin, high growth. A game-changer in solving this challenge.

New OHAUS Adventurer Balance Upgrade Transforms Your Lab

By Dijana Senjan on Thu 13 July 2023 in Home

Are you looking to optimise your laboratory operations? We are excited to announce the availability of the new software upgrade for the OHAUS Adventurer Analytical Balance. This upgrade introduces a range of features and enhancements, revolutionising the way users obtain accurate and reliable results with their laboratory balances.

Top 7 Ways New EXO Sondes Expand Your Water Quality Monitoring

By Emma Foster on Wed 21 December 2022 in Home

New features, sensors and now new Sondes have been part of the continual growth over the last ten years by EXO to develop the EXO Sonde System and bookmark it as the unrivalled tool to assist you in monitoring and protecting your World.

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