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COVID-19 Update and Measures

By Emma Foster on Thu 12 March 2020 in Home

As the global situation changes, there will be a temporary delay in supplying our PPE products due to unprecedented demand levels.

What are the Advantages of Single Use Bioreactors?

By Emma Foster on Thu 05 March 2020 in Home

Find out how you can optimise your bioprocesses by switching from traditional bioreactors to single use bioreactors.

7 Tips to Fight Fouling and Extend Water Quality Sonde Deployment

By Joana Bernardo on Tue 03 March 2020 in Home

These tips will not only save you time and money, but will also ensure you get the highest quality data.

Calibrate your pH Probe like a Pro

By Joana Bernardo on Wed 05 February 2020 in Home

16 Tips to ensure your pH probe is accurately calibrated.

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