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Free Powder Flow Seminar

Are you failing to consistently discharge powders from bins, silos & feeder/dosing machines?

Do you have variations in pack weights due to unreliable dispensing of powder?

This seminar is for you! Lab Unlimited is hosting alongside Brookfield Ametek, a one-day seminar to discuss Powder Flow. The aim of this event is to help YOU, who process powders daily, to minimise or eliminate downtime and expense that can occur when hoppers discharge erratically or fail to discharge altogether.

The seminar will take place on May 16th, from 8.30 am to 2 pm, in Dublin 24.


This is a great opportunity to discuss your specific application, learn more about analysing powder flow behavior and testing for powder charaterisation, with the Powder Flow experts.

Attendance is free but places are quite limited, so be sure to register in advance! You can register by filling out the form below.

Highlights of the Day

  • Why measure Powder Flowability including Storage and Transportation Effects on Flowability
  • The Science Behind Powder Flow
  • Setting Up the Instrument
  • Understanding the Software
  • Result Interpretation

Download the full agenda here.

We will also be hosting a hands-on workshop on Viscosity & Texture, on May 15th. If this is something you would also like to attend, please register here!

Working Out Powder Flow

The classic problem when working with powders is their failure to discharge reliably from bins, hoppers, silos, feeders, dosing machines, packing machines, etc. Their unpredictable nature causes production downtimes and at times requires complete plant shutdown in order to correct flow restrictions and stoppages.

In addition to these issues, failure to flow reliably also leads to variations in pack weight, mixture, performance and sensory properties of powder products.

In this Powder Flow Seminar, we will be covering these (and more) concerns and also demonstrating how the PFT™ - Powder Flow Tester - can eliminate flow problems due to its Flow Function test, a proven scientific method used to analyse powder flow behaviour

Fill out the form on the right or feel free to email me at to register. Places are limited, so please be sure to register in advance to avoid disappointment.

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