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Laboratory autoclaves D-line

The features of the laboratory autoclave line are specifically designed for most common laboratory applications and can be used for the sterilzation of liquids, instruments, glass, waste and for the preparation of nutrient media.

  • EL = horizontal loading
  • ELV = vertical loading
  • EL-CGD and ELV-CGD = with integrated steam generator and rapid cooling
  • Stores the last 200 cycles in built-in memory
  • Option: second flexible Pt 100 probe
  • 30 Identification Codes and Passwords for access level control
  • The controller and software comply with the 21 CFR part 11 standard
  • Filter replacement notifications based on the number of cycles
  • Data archiving via USB interface
  • Double sterilization time monitoring
  • In/Out test (enables technicians to check each system component separately)
  • Sterilization temperature range up 105 °C to 137 °C
  • Optional Disinfection/Isothermal Temperature range from 60°C to 105°C
  • 7 standard sterilisation programs

Options available
  • Fast cooling technology and ventilator to reduce cooling time additionally
  • Vacuum pump to evacuate residual air
  • Exhaust air filtration
  • Lifting device to elevate/to lower heavy sterilzation goods
  • Printer to document the performed cycle (Please order separately)
  • R.PC.R software allows complete control and monitoring of the autoclave

Laboratory autoclaves D-line

Laboratory autoclaves D-line

biomedis Vertriebsges. Standing autoclave Tuttnauer 3870 ELV-D A305151
PART NO.4AJ-6282880
Type||Capacity litres||Dimensions (W x D x H) mm||Chamber diam. x depth mm||PK
3870 ELV-D||85||730 x 540 x 1000||380 x 690||1
biomedis Vertriebsges.

Autoclaves laboratory

Sterilisation autoclaves

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