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Vacuum Pumps Rotavac Valve Control

Suitable for all Hei-VAP Rotary evaporators. Vacuum can be controlled manually or via valve operated vacuum controllers.

  • With two-stage diaphragm pump
  • All components which come in contact with media are built from chemically resistant fluoropolymer
  • The durable PTFE design guarantees an superior diaphragm lifespan
  • The head cover and clamping disc have a stable core made of metal which offers unsurpassed long-term performance of your operational parameters
  • The direct pump drive (without belt) is exceptionally quiet, creates a very low vibrational environment and reduces the need of wear and tear parts to a minimum
  • The gas ballast valve has been optimized to prevent media condensing in the pump
  • The pumps can be combined with a condenser
  • For combination with the Hei-VAP Precision Rotary evaporators a vacuum valve is necessary.
  • High suction capacity for fast evacuation
  • Suction capacity for up to 3 rotary evaporators at the same time
  • Depending on your application you can switch on and off the vacuum pump via switchbox

Vacuum Pumps Rotavac Valve Control
Suction capacity:2 m³/h
Ultimate vacuum:7 mbar
Power input:180 W
Dimensions (W x D x H):195 x 245 x 310 mm
Weight:12.8 kg

Vacuum Pumps Rotavac Valve Control

Heidolph Vacuum Pump 5910013000
PART NO.4AJ-9812385

Pumps diaphragm

Vacuum pumps valve-regulated

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