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Leeb hardness testers, portable, HMM

Advanced features for demanding applications.

  • Impact (rebound) sensor: The bounce module is accelerated by a spring against the item being tested. Depending on how hard the object is, the kinetic energy of the module will be absorbed. The speed reduction will be measured and converted to Leeb hardness values
  • Automatic recognition of the impact (rebound) sensor connected to the HMM
  • Mobility: In comparison with stationary table-top devices and testing devices with an internal sensor, using the HMM offers the highest level of mobility and flexibility
  • All measurement directions possible (360°) thanks to an automatic compensation function
  • Internal memory for up to 9 data groups, with up to 9 values per group forming the average value of the group
  • Mini statistics function: displays the measured result, the average value, the impact direction, date and time
  • Measurement value display: Rockwell (B & C), Vickers (HV), Brinell (HB), Shore (HSD), Leeb (HL), tensile strength (MPa)
  • Automatic unit conversion: The measuring result is automatically converted into all specified hardness units
  • AUTO-OFF function, battery level indicator

Scope of supply:
Leeb hardness tester, external impact sensor, standard block for calibration (approx. 790 ± 40 HL), carrying case

Leeb hardness testers, portable, HMM
Measuring range:170 to 960 HL
Readability:1 HL
Precision:1 % at 800 HLD (± 6 HLD)
Measuring range tensile strength (steel):375 to 2639 MPa
Min. sample weight on a solid and stable
3 kg
Minimum sample thickness:8 mm
Minimum sample radius (concave/convex):50 mm (with support ring: 10 mm)
Dimensions (W x D x H):80 x 30 x 150 mm
Net weight:approx. 200 g
Power supply:Power adapter, external or 3 x 1.5 V AAA batteries

Leeb hardness testers, portable, HMM

Kern & Sohn Leeb hardness tester Max 960, Min 170, d= 1 HMM-NP
PART NO.4AJ-4691195
Kern & Sohn

Hardness testers Leeb

Leeb-Hardness testers

Testers hardness, Leeb

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