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Viscosity Testing: Do I Know Enough?

Education on Viscosity Measurement by Brookfield Engineering

Every day we are receive inquiries from our customers who believe that they are not getting a correct viscosity reading in the QC Lab on material that needs to pass inspection. When measuring viscosity, everything had been working fine until suddenly a batch of material seems to have different viscosity reading. The other example would be that the QC Lab in the USA has just received a test method for material produced in another location (Europe or Asia) and the measured viscosity values do not agree. And sometimes, a raw material supplier simply reports that the viscosity is a certain value, but they say nothing about how to make the measurement. Where do you go for help when you have problems when measuring viscosity? Is there a Viscosity Hot Line that can give a quick answer?

Education on viscosity measurement is easy to  access and can go a long way in solving these recurring dilemmas in industry. “More Solutions to Sticky Problems” is the most used pamphlet on viscosity published by Brookfield Engineering, the world’s leading manufacturer of rotational viscometers. This publication is available free of charge and can answer the questions raised regarding viscosity and how to measure it as well as many others. Many QC Labs keep a copy of this document on the shelf and use it to train new technicians when they first start work.

In today’s business world, searching for answers on the internet is another path taken by many QC Labs. It is a simple matter of searching on the word(s) that describe the problem you have, such as “pharmaceutical viscosity” or “viscosity testing.” Most viscometer manufacturers maintain websites with up to date information regarding viscosity that can help you on daily basic. On the Brookfield website, you can find  an applications section which describes how to test viscosity of various materials, but also a “Frequently Asked Questions” or “FAQ” section which describes how to verify that your instrument is reading viscosity correctly.

Viscometer Measurement Training:

Viscometer Measurement Training

Taking a class on viscosity can prove to be the most helpful of all. In a classroom environment, you can quickly come up to speed on what viscosity is, how to measure viscosity , how to troubleshoot problems regarding your material or the instrument..

Lab Unlimited can provide classroom and practical hands-on Training for viscometer operators from basic instrument operation instruction to method development and interpretation.  Each training sends each person back to their company with helpful reference materials to share with others in the QC Lab. Contact us to discuss your training requirements!

The above suggestions are highly recommended steps which will give you the necessary tools to solve the everyday problems that  you may face while measuring viscosity. But when in doubt, always call the viscometer manufacturer to get immediate help.

Find Out More About Viscosity:

Do you want to know more about Viscosity? We have a Viscosity FAQ page where all the information you may need can be found. If you have any questions, please contact a member of our team today!

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