Handheld Microscopes Dino-Lite

Small in size, but big in functionality: Dino-Lite Digital Microscopes are a technology sensation!

Dino-Lite digital microscopes provide a powerful, portable and versatile solution to microscopic inspection:dino-lite-handheld-microscopes
Up to 900x magnification and 5 Megapixel resolution!

Inventors of the handheld digitaUSB Microscope, Dino-Lite is now considered the standard and market leader for digital handheld microscopes.

What Sets the Dino-Lite Hand Held Microscopes Apart?

- High quality imaging and optics
- Advanced hardware features
- Multiple connectivity options: USB, TV or VGA
- Specialized illumination: ultraviolet or infrared
- Great magnification ranges
- Rich in-house developed software program (free of charge for Dino-Lite users and with automatic update feature)

A number of stands and other accessories ensure that Dino-Lite offers solutions to meet the needs of all of users, from beginners to high demanding professional environments.
Read the brochures or watch the videos on the multiple applications of the USB Handheld Microscopes from Dino-Lite.

General Applications
Education Application.
Arts & Cultural Applications.
Medical Applications
Jewellery Applications.
Electrostatic Discharge Safe Microscopes.

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