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RQ Radar Flow and Velocity Sensor

Accurate, Reliable & State-of-the-Art Non-Contact Discharge Measurements

Contact-free discharge measurement for channels and open rivers using radar technology.

The RQ-30 radar sensor continuously measures the discharge of rivers and channels. The device combines two contact-free radar measurement methods to determine the surface velocity and water level. As this is a contact-free system, the measurements are not affected by any sediments or other floating refuse.


The RQ is the right choice when it comes to radar-based, contact-free discharge measurements, much due to the state of the art hydraulic model implemented in the the sensors. Why? This hydraulic model adjusts itself according to the measured water level fluctuations and is dynamically computing the relationship between surface velocity and mean flow velocity. This results in the most accurate and reliable data for radar-based, contact-free discharge measurements.

Also, the sophisticated hydraulic model installed in the RQ sensors, is the only one on the market which does not require calibration measurements. This enables the user to achieve valid measurement results right away the installation is complete.

Main Features:

- Saves time & money by facilitating the generation of the rating curve at the measurement site
- Integrated water level sensor
- Perfect measurements even with low water levels, low flow velocities and high water levels with strong turbulence
- Sends a trigger if a flow variable exceeds or falls below a target value
- Maintenance free
- No need for a structure in the water
- Fully operating even in flood water situations
- Solar powered due to low power consumption
- Detection of flow direction
- Velocity range of 0.10 to 15 m/s (depending on flow conditions)
- Recognition of hysteresis effects
- Measures in a back water situation
- Also measures vegetal invasion
- Measures in tide influenced rivers
- Automatic installation angle correction
- Optional: analog outputs 4 to 20 mA

RQ-30 ADMS: all-in-one, mobile unit for non-contact flow measurement

ADMS stands for Autonomous Discharge Measurement System, a unit that includes everything you need: a water level sensor; a surface velocity sensor and discharge calculation.

Additionally, the RQ-ADMS contains a data logger with data transmission, a solar charger and batteries for autonomous, solar powered applications. Thus, the RQ-ADMS provides a complete, ready-to-use system not only for continuous monitoring but also for single measurement campaigns and emergency flood deployment.

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RQ Radar Flow and Velocity Sensor

RQ Radar Flow and Velocity Sensor

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