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Gas Mixing

Modular Gas Mixing System

The Fusion Flow™ modular gas mixing system was developed to integrate seamlessly into existing applications, or where a turnkey system isn’t feasible. This modular system can define every facet of a highly focused and extensible gas mixing platform. This system was created by engineers who worked with customers to develop a solution that gives you the utmost control of the blended gases going into your process. You can customise and design the perfect high-precision gas mixer for your application. Turnkey gas mixing systems are also available for easy centralised control of process equipment in industrial applications.

The advantage of a modular gas mixing system is that it is versatile in how it can be added into systems. The orientation and plumb in each component can be chosen independently while still benefiting from the ability to have an onsite precision gas blending system. A modular gas mixing system can be easily upgraded to add or modify channels with minimal disruption to existing processes – significantly reducing costs and decreasing downtimes to benefit industries that experience rapid change.

Fusion Flow Gas Mixing Software allows users who need the dynamic gas mixer to have automation capability, advanced data logging capability, integration with external systems and an easy way to manipulate the gas mixing system. The software allows you to control the system from your own PC or vial the optional dedicated industrial PC panel.

Our software allows you to control the system centrally on your own PC system or vial the optional dedicated industrial PC panel. The windows PC panel can be fixed to a cabinet or be placed in any convenient location. You can choose to control the system with the master component known as the MixModule. This is a pressure gauge with specialised firmware that communicates with the system at a rate of 1000 times per second to ensure the gas mixing set points are maintained.

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