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Gas Mixing

Turnkey Gas Mixing System

Fusion Flow™ turnkey gas mixing systems are an ideal process equipment solution in industrial processes. The turnkey gas system has been designed for researchers, engineers, technicians, facilities, and shop floor staff.

It is possible to design the perfect high-precision gas mixer to suit your needs. We can provide a modular gas mixing system for easy integration into existing systems. For more information regarding the customisation, please contact a member of our sales team.

The turnkey system is a must-have mixing system for those who are looking for plug-n-play, effortless implementation of sophisticated gas mixing system. It is the perfect system for mixing gas with high precision in a factory setting and its designed with research and industrial applications in mind. The enclosure was designed for technicians to have easy access to internal components for maintenance, upgrades, or if service is required.

All the gas mixing components which includes the mass flow controllers, are calibrated using NIST traceable standards. Calibration certificates are provided for every component to ensure confidence in these high precision industrial components.

Batch Reactors

Fusion Flow™ gas mixing systems include advanced data logging capability to store data in different formats for any required post-processing. These data-logging capabilities can be used to maintain FDA approvals in critical gas mixing processes. The data can be logged in different database formats to seamlessly integrate with internal processes. These Gas Mixers offer custom digital or analog I/O boxes to integrate the gas mixing system with a third-party system without the need for any additional PLCs. This third-party system can also be used to feedback into the Gas Mixing Software.

For gas mixing applications that don’t need the advanced features of the software, there is a lower-cost TFT display option facilitated by the MixModule. This is a pressure gauge with specialized firmware that communicates with the system at a rate of 1000 times per second to ensure the gas mixing set points are maintained.

Turnkey Gas Mixing Solutions Customized for Industrial Use

Alicat Scientific Inc have introduced the creation of a turn-key solutions division called “Fusion Flow Technologies”. It fulfils the needs of customers who require customised all-in-one systems. Fusion Flow solutions combine the best flow and pressure control hardware with purpose-built enclosures, custom electronics, and software to support a wide variety of complicated process needs. Advanced ‘MXM’ gas mixing systems and ‘DXM’ gas dilution machines are produced by Fusion Flow Technologies.

Joe Ancona, Managing Director of Fusion Flow Technologies says, “With the amount of engineering talent at Alicat, a highly capable mass flow control product, and a constant stream of integrated solutions requests, Fusion Flow Technologies simply had to happen.”

Gas mixing is not a random choice for a turn-key solution as members of Alicat’s engineering team have worked closely with partners to develop the core technologies that are at the foundation of the Fusion Flow gas mixing products. These solutions can be used in manufacturing, food packaging, research and development, and other industrial applications.

Fusion Flow Technologies’ Chief Technology Officer, Brian Clendenin, states, “We’ve been afforded a rare opportunity to take already accomplished products from Alicat’s mass flow controller line and incorporate them as elemental pieces in more advanced, unified solutions.”

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If you wish to know more about the Fusion Flow Turnkey Gas Mixing System, contact a member of our sales team today and they will be happy to help!

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