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Disposable data logger TempMate-S1

The single-use data logger TempMate-S1 with its built-in USB connector, is the ideal solution for low-cost temperature monitoring of transports. TempMate-PDF loggers directly useable with pre-programmed configuration or reprogrammable with Tempbase Software according to each customer's specifications. To download the recorded data, simply connect TempMate-S1 directly to the USB port. A PDF and CSV report will automatically be generated, covering temperature graph, detailed data list and statistical information. No hardware (cable, interface) or software is required.

  • Auto generating PDF and CSV format data report
  • 110 days run time 16.000 measurements, 10 minute interval
  • Reprogrammable with Tempbase Software free of charge
  • Up to 5 alarm points configurable
  • Integrated USB connector
  • LED Alarm indicators
  • Serial number sticker
  • Inclusive certificate
  • Food proof according to HACCP

Disposable data logger TempMate-S1
Temperature range:-30 ... 70 °C
Accuracy:±0.5 °C at -20 ... +40 °C / ±1.0 °C in remaining range
Resolution:0.1 °C
Data memory:16000 measurements
Recording cycle:110 days
Sampling interval:10 min
Shelf life:24 months
Dimensions (L x W x H):80 x 47 x 7 mm
Weight:14.6 g
IP code:IP 67 / NEMA 6
Certifications:Calibration Certificate, EN 12830 S, T, C, D, 1

Disposable data logger TempMate-S1

DOSTMANN electronic Disposable data logger TempMate-S1 5005-0066
PART NO.4AJ-6285049
DOSTMANN electronic

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